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Tools for Civic Transformation

"Go fast, go alone. Go far, go together."
African proverb
"We must continue the work of community building in school, congregation, neighborhood, workplace. It's not just that we shall be building communities. We shall be developing citizens who know out of their own intimate experience the disciplines and satisfactions of community. They will understand teamwork, the observance of shared values, collaborative problem solving and the building of trust. "
John W. Gardner (U.S. Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare, Founder of Common Cause, Co-Founder of Independent Sector, the national association of nonprofits)

Most people in most communities WANT to help make a better world – but progress is hard to achieve. The Community Platform can help. It provides tools for mapping and connecting organizations and people doing good work and helps them find paths for involvement, collaboration, and for getting resources to where they are most needed. Combine it with authentic leadership on the ground and a commitment to building civic capacity throughout the community and we CAN create thriving, equitable and sustainable communities and a stronger nation for the long term.

The Civic Leadership Project

  • The nonprofit Civic Leadership Project works to provide practical tools and frameworks for city, state or rural communities to strengthen their civic capacity and to create a more robust nonprofit sector.
  • We believe that we have both individual and collective work to do if we are to successfully tackle the educational, social, economic and environmental challenges we face now and in coming decades.
  • Our work on Civic Leadership development, the DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative, and the Community Platform are all intended to lay the groundwork for thriving, sustainable, and equitable communities and a stronger nation.

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Tom Pollak
Community Platform Founder

Director, DC Tutoring & Mentoring Initiative/Civic Leadership Project.

Interested in setting up your own Community Platform?

Phone: 202-839-4930
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