The Community Platform The Community Platform

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Who is the platform for?

Anyone really, but especially these people

  • Community Foundations
  • United Way
  • Community Leadership Organizations
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Colleges & Universities
  • Service Learning
  • Community Service
  • Social Sciences
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Neighborhood Groups
  • Neighborhood Associations
  • PTA
  • PTO
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Nonprofit Coalitions
  • State Nonprofit Associations
  • Human Service Coalitions
  • Healthcare Groups
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What sets us apart

Key Features

Our full list of features is long. These are some of our most popular features.

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Neighborhood Pages

Create custom pages for your neighborhood, town, county, or other geographic area.

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Get Involved

Volunteer opportunities, goods & services and financial opportunities.

Financial Data

Pre-loaded with the latest financial info on 501(c)(3) organizations


Map resources in your area. Organizations, programs, and locations.

Our Goals

Gotta' have them

Make good work visible

Make visible the wealth/multitude of people and nonprofit and community organizations working to make a better world and who need help!

  • Most people – community members and college students included – are unaware of the many public-spirited people and organizations working in their communities.
  • The Community Platform is a way to make these people, organizations, and activities VISIBLE to all!
Provide a path for people who want to help

Making it easier for people to get involved in their own way

  • Volunteer or donate with an existing organization
  • Identify areas of need in the community where new programs or organizations are needed
  • Avoid duplication of effort or creation of new organizations when existing programs or organizations
A practical community toolkit for leaders
  • More than ever, we need community and civic leaders who inspire people to work together to make a better world.
  • We need "servant leaders" who are thoughtful, compassionate, wise, creative, and courageous.
  • "Servant leaders" who feel a deep sense of responsibility to make a positive difference.